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Landpearl is a real estate developer based in Australia with a solid track record of multiple residential projects.

Landpearl, one of Australia’s leading real estate developers, was established in 2005 and has maintained a sol-id record of completed development of residential projects across Sydney through a combination of financial, engineering and architectural expertise. As a company, we believe that our most important goal is the crea-tion of valued homes as part of an overall community.

Our History

Landpearl is a real estate developer based in Australia with a solid track record of multiple residential projects Landpearl was established in 2005 and has successfully completed development of contemporary residential projects with a combination of financial, architectural and engineering expertise. We strongly believe that what we deliver is a valued living space immersed harmoniously into the community and will eventually be a legacy of the city. Landpearl has a strong focus on professional quality that has enabled us to develop strong relationships with our investors and clients. Our professionals possessed a high level of experience and passion to provide the most suitable solutions to ensure the success of each unique and challenging project


Our vision includes becoming the progressive developer that prides itself on a proven track record and commitment to deliver superior value in the design, quality and service of our customers. Our passion is to be recognized for who we are and what we do in improving the quality of life of our customers through the implementation of our quality design and construction work.


Our decisions and actions are guided by the Values we believe in. We are determined to create long-term worth for our customers, clients and partners as well as our employees, community and our environment.


As professionals, we are dedicated to doing the right thing in every action and decision we make. Not just for us, but for the benefit of all involved parties.


In addition to the unparalleled quality buildings and facilities of our projects, we are committed to en-hancing their social and environmental value by embracing features that meet long-term sustainability needs.


We are dedicated to bringing innovative technologies to planning, design and construction to improve building reliability, functionality and value.


Every member of our team has a proactive attitude in making a substantial difference in their work, their community and their world.


Landpearl Property Development is proud of its innovative and progressive property solutions. We have a breadth of knowledge to bring to property development project. We will ensure a memorable property development is completed, one that maintains Sydney’s high standards and beauty. Read More

Our goal is to developed brilliant living situations. We follow local and international property trends to ensure we make the best possible outcome. We target only the best property development opportunities allowing us to fulfil this ambition.

We don’t end our relationship with the complex is completed. Instead that is when our relationship begins. We have many happy customers due to our ongoing customer service approach.

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Our dedicated property managers supervise our rental properties by fnding tenants, managing fnancial output, property maintenance and property reports.


Landpearl provides comprehensive solution for develops and investors that include everything from sourcing
the potential building sites to project management and sales.


Our expert team focuses on off plan projects, ensuring that we always develop the best strategies to meet or
exceed our client’s unique needs.


Our experienced advisors help our clients receive the most dependable and benefcial fnancial solutions for
optimum results based on the client’s individual situations.

EDDIE TRAN (Founder and Managing Director)

Eddie founded Landpearl in 2005 and is responsible for the company’s overall performance. He sets strategic direction for development, supervises the risk management of the entire company and guides the business to fulfll their contracts while maintaining sustainable, yet stable, growth.

DANIEL MOK (Project Manager)

Daniel is focused on the nuts and bolts of project management. He supervises the project lifecycles from original design through the construction phase and to completion with an emphasis on quality, scheduling and cost targeting.

TROY WANG (Land Acquisition Manager)

Troy maintains an active role in the research, investigation and assessment of every potential real estate purchase for our company. He is tasked with maximizing the potential growth of land purchases for our vendors and customers.

TRISH QUACH (Finance Controller)

Trish oversees the fnancial performance of the company to ensure it maintains a robust and strong fnancial capability while fortifying the development at various construction stages to maintain our company’s track record of success.

VICTOR TAO (Financial Advisor)

Victor provides our clients with the most advantageous fnancial solutions using his experience in fnancial planning and his professional service manner.

MICKEY LAI (Project Finance Controller)

Mickey is responsible for managing the fnancial issues of the real estate development projects through the various lifecycle phases.

MY LAM (Senior Account Manager)

My Lam has been working in financial and wealth management for over 15 years and has an extensive contribution in account services and joint venture management.

SOPHIARE BUI (Senior Account Manager)

Sophiare ensures the smooth operation of our business in her role as human resource and accounting administration.

ERINA CIPUTRA (Administrator)

Erina provides the frst level of contact with our customers and for many, she is the face of Landpearl. She is responsible for resolving conflicts and queries and ensures that unresolved queries are sent to the appropriate level of support, tracking, routing and redirecting for the correct resolution.

LIVIA HARTANA (Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator)

Livia’s area of responsibility includes conceptualizing the design and distribution of marketing material and maintenance of the online channel through the updating of property information on our online advertising website.

Steven Nguyen Director of Sales and Business Development

Steven is passionate about empowering, encouraging and motivating Landpearl’s inhouse sales team. Steven’s role includes the coordination of both internal and external agents to simplify and streamline the sales process. His commitment to exceptional customer service and holds himself, his team and the company to a very high standard of quality.

Andrew Poly Senior Sales Executive

M: 0450 577 626

Elly Soyoun Kim Sales Assistant

M: 0423 091 546