Development Team Archives - Land & Pearl

Eddie founded Landpearl in 2005 and is responsible for the company’s overall performance. He sets strategic direction for development, supervises the risk management of the entire company and guides the business to fulfll their contracts while maintaining sustainable, yet stable, growth.

Daniel is focused on the nuts and bolts of project management. He supervises the project lifecycles from original design through the construction phase and to completion with an emphasis on quality, scheduling and cost targeting.

Troy maintains an active role in the research, investigation and assessment of every potential real estate purchase for our company. He is tasked with maximizing the potential growth of land purchases for our vendors and customers.

Trish oversees the fnancial performance of the company to ensure it maintains a robust and strong fnancial capability while fortifying the development at various construction stages to maintain our company’s track record of success.

Victor provides our clients with the most advantageous fnancial solutions using his experience in fnancial planning and his professional service manner.

Mickey is responsible for managing the fnancial issues of the real estate development projects through the various lifecycle phases.

My Lam has been working in financial and wealth management for over 15 years and has an extensive contribution in account services and joint venture management.

Sophiare ensures the smooth operation of our business in her role as human resource and accounting administration.

Erina provides the frst level of contact with our customers and for many, she is the face of Landpearl. She is responsible for resolving conflicts and queries and ensures that unresolved queries are sent to the appropriate level of support, tracking, routing and redirecting for the correct resolution.

Livia’s area of responsibility includes conceptualizing the design and distribution of marketing material and maintenance of the online channel through the updating of property information on our online advertising website.