Development Sites - Land & Pearl


With an unparalleled track record of real estate development in Australia, we deeply understand the characteristics of the Australian real estate market. Building on the successes of our previous projects and operations has eepened our understanding of local government regulations and procedures. Global investors who have an interest in the Australian real estate market can join us at different phases of our projects with personalized investment models. Irrespective of how we come together, Landpearl is dedicated to garnering the best return for our clients as possible.

Joint Venture Investment

Our most popular model features joint ventures between investors and Landpearl to develop real estate projects in Australia. Tese investments bind the investors and Landpearl closely together and share the risks and rewards of successful projects.

Buying and Selling

The buying and selling of property is a major decision for living and investment. At Landpearl, we provide the best options for both purchase of undeveloped properties and the sale of improved properties with our customer’s needs foremost in our minds.

Development Projects

Our track record of successful completion of building and development projects gives us a head start on our competition. Investors and partners can use our experience and knowledge to successfully complete their development projects.

  • Procurement of Developmental Approval through in-house expertise and consultants.
  • Preparation of construction drawings and technical specifcations including architectural, structural and engineering services.
  • Builder selection through tendering and entering contracts on standard terms and conditions. Verifcation of all contractual and cost arrangements.
  • Supervision of construction activity from beginning to end of the project.
  • Acquisition of competitive fnancial resources for the completion of the project.
  • Employment of sales agents for leasing or sale of property at the best price.

Land Purchase

We provide assistance in the transaction process from beginning to end. With our years of experience, we have a thorough understanding of how Australian market cycles and government regulations work, giving us an advantage in achieving great deals and benefcial transactions.

  • Site selection based on customer objectives.
  • Pre-purchase feasibility studies and developmental analysis using our experience and professional expertise to bring you the full list of opportunities and risks for each specifc case.
  • Financial procurement through leading banks and mortgage brokers for the most competitive loan arrangements.
  • Legal and commercial assistance during the negotiations and transaction process for the land.